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The Todd Cetnar Specialty Basketball School

Information & Frequently Asked Questions


"The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are moving."

 4 - 6 in a group - $35.00 per player

 7 -10 in a group - $30.00 per player

How do I get into a group?

A. The player must attend 2 sessions of individual instruction. Upon completion, I will determine which category that player belongs in: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

B. Pre-group evaluation: $50.00 per session. (one session = one hour)


Do you give specific 1 on 1 sessions?

A. Yes. Through the years I have learned that groups are more effective. They raise the level of competition, force players to motivate each other, utilize more skills like passing and defense and most importantly highlights teamwork. With that being said, in a 1 on 1 session, the attention is solely on that player and he/she will gain an extraordinary amount of knowledge for the game, individual moves, improvement and technique on shot mechanics, ball handling and how to form a work ethic.

B. 1 on 1 sessions $50.00 per session.


How and when do I need to pay?

A. The player needs to pay in advance. If the player signs up for 3 sessions in a week, Example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the player will pay prior to Monday’s session.

B. Payments can be made by check or cash. Please contact Todd.

           What happens if I miss a session?

A. A player is allowed to make up any missed session within 1 month starting from the one that was missed.
 (no refund).


          How can I help the school and myself?

A. If a current player in the school gets a new player to join the school, the current player will receive $5.00 off the session rate for an entire month.


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